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Pangani is located some 470 km south-east of Arusha. The journey from Arusha takes you through Moshi, Same, Segera and finally to the mouth of Pangani river. A brand new ferry that operates from 06:30 hrs to 18:30hrs will take you across to Pangani town.

A Swahili coast town: Archaeologists have found evidence of settlements dating back to the 15th century; however its importance as a major trading hub came about in the 19th century when Pangani was a terminus for the trade caravan routes, especially the selling of slaves coming from the interior of then Tanganyika and beyond. As the slave trade was stopped, Pangani soon became the administrative centre for the German rule and eventually fell into British administration following defeat of Germany in World War II. Even today, it is still possible to see the old buildings and bomas that once stood strong under the various powers.

Today, almost a century later, Pangani has changed a little and therefore it offers a visitor to Tanzania an unforgettable experience that cannot be found anywhere else in East Africa. It is for this reason a destination that is only known to a few who have been there, enjoyed and gone back with pleasant memories of a bygone era.

Secrets revealed: Pangani has it all, from the Swahili Coast’s rich history and culture, to pristine and palm-fringed beaches, deep-sea fishing plus a marine reserve.

In 2003 local fishermen accidentally caught a fish called “Coelacanth”, which is referred to as a  “living fossil”. This type of fish is thought to pre-date dinosaurs by over 300 million years! Due to the fact that this fish is only found in small numbers off South Africa and Indonesia, it is classified as a critically endangered species. As a result of this discovery, the government of Tanzania in 2009 declared a large area north of Pangani to be a marine reserve to protect this rare fish. The reserve includes South Head & Tongoni Reef, plus Karange and Yambe Islands.

How to get to Pangani: A 6-hour drive by road, or a scheduled flight (minimum 2 persons) that operates from Arusha daily departing at 1300hrs, arriving Pangani airstrip at 1520 (via Zanzibar). Return flight departs Pangani at 1540hrs and arrives Arusha at 1700hrs.

What to do: Relax at the beach, take a walk into Pangani town, meet local people, snorkelling, diving, deep-sea fishing, visit Magrotto Farm for bird watching or visit Saadani National park- the only national park offering a combined bush and beach experience.

Where to stay: There are a number of options for accommodations in Pangani area. However, we would recommend:-

When to go: Year around.

Experiencing Pangani: This is a beach extension, Pangani is a natural choice for those wishing to try something different and exciting. It can be combined with an excursion to Mkomazi National Park and Amani Nature reserve or an extension following a safari in Northern Circuit or simply a beach getaway. Ask us for ideas and an itinerary.

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