Pemba is AWESOME. This is the ultimate in unexplored tropical paradises. It lays 50 kms north of Zanzibar and is famous for its spices and coconuts. This un-spoilt, rural island is a world away from the tourist crowds and its waters are among the best in the world for diving and fishing. The island is a mixture of natural forests, mangrove swamps and clove plantations.

The warm Indian Ocean waters surrounding Pemba Island are home to thousands of species of tropical fish and exotic marine life. Pemba is a paradise for experienced divers, who will discover that the waters around Pemba provide some of the most fantastic wall dives and drift dives, fine soft and hard coral formations and open water diving opportunities that this East African coastline has to offer.

Activities include:

  • Traditional dhow sailing trips, which are popular at sunset

  • Fishing, diving and snorkeling

  • Explore several truly native island villages, virtually untouched by modern civilization.

  • A visit to the ruins at Ras Mkumbuu

  • Walking safari to Pujini Ruins in the southeast of Chake Chake

  • Cycling to different parts of the region.

  • Visit the Ngezi Forest Reserve which is full of rare species of bird. Here you should be able to see Pemba’s white-eye, green pigeon, scops owl and sunbird. Endemic mammals in this small forest reserve are Pemba flying fox, Kirk’s red colobus, vervet monkey, blue duiker and marsh.
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