This majestic and mysterious snow-capped vMountain, Africa's highest, stands 3° south of the Equator, approximately 140km. from Arusha town and 60km. from Moshi town.

This extinct volcano is situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park and its outstanding features are its major volcanic centres - SHIRA (4,004m) is the oldest in its lava formation; followed by the rugged peak of MAWENZI (5,148m), while the snow capped KIBO (5,895m) is most recent. The trek crosses distinct vegetation zones, from the rainforests to a beautiful moorsland which not only has an absolutely inspiring view but which gives protection to exotic plants like the groundsel and the giant lobella that blooms once every fifty to seventy years.

The trek up Kili. should not be underestimated. It does involve lots of hard work!!

Please Note:

Routes involving trekking thru the western breach are currently closed due to safety reasons.

Marangu Route

Easiest of the routes, less scenic but very popular. An extra day at Horombo hut, to assist acclimatization is highly recommended.

Machame Route

Getting to be a rather crowdy route. Machame is a challenging but a very scenic route. Walking on this route is rather strenuous. The ascent is rather gradual unlike that on Umbwe. A 7-day trek is recommended.

Shira Route

A scenic but less popular route as the track leading to Shira hut is a long one and not in very good condition. The walking is quite strenuous. On acclimatization day at Shira, there are sidetracks leading to the Shira Cathedral & Shira needle. (Shira route via Western breach is currently closed for safety reasons. However, shira route via Barafu is an option available)

Rongai Route

The 3rd most popular route, involving a complete mountain transverse, The walking is quite strenuous. A 7day trek is recommended.

Lemosho Route

Another popular but quiter route in some parts, challenging but scenic. Walking on this route is rather strenuous. The ascent is rather gradual.

Umbwe Route

A steep, strenuous, quite scenic and direct route to Uhuru peak. Altitude gain on this route is quite rapid. A route suitable for more experienced trekkers provided they avoid rushing up!(As it involves trekking via the western breach - it is currently closed)

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