The Tanzanian landscape includes several small isolated mountain ranges. Each of these have a unique mixture of habitats and animal species and none more so that the Udzungwa Mountains.

The Udzungwa forest is part of the Eastern Arc, which extends from the Southern Highlands through the Uluguru and Usambara mountains northwards to Pare. They rise to 2,230 m altitude and there is a large plateau area above 1,500 m altitude. The vegetation is exceptionally variable, ranging from lowland forests, through sub- montane, montane and to upper montane forests. At lower altitudes the vegetation grades into various forms of woodlands.

Five distinct trails cover the forests and mountain peaks within the park, and offer varying levels of difficulty for everyone from beginners to experienced trekkers. Better still, there are no roads through the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, so hikers can enjoy quiet walks through undisturbed forest and grassland.

A trip to Udzungwa involves a walk beneath the canopy of primary rainforest, with the chance to see the abundant endemics, climbing steadily up the mountain, across cascading streams to emerge at the top of the Sanje Waterfalls to breathtaking views over the rift valley.

Home to at least ten species of primate including the endemic 'Sanje Crested' Mangabey, the Hehe Red Colobus and several recently discovered species of birds, a rainforest trek here will be one you never forget.

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